San Jose Garden Club

Club News

Officers and Chairmen for 2014 - 2015

Officers and Executive Committee

President – Kathy Argabright

Vice President - Jean Myers

Program Chair - Pam Oliverio, Kathy Pottol

Treasurer - Roberta Dunlap

Recording  Secretary - Janet Smith

Corresponding Secretary – O'Lynda Head

Parliamentarian - Natalie DiGrazia



Hostess - Linda Webb

Membership - Mickey Butler

Plant Sale - Patty Christa

Scholarships & Grants - Dabney Tompkins

Webmaster - Pam Oliverio

Yahoo Group Webmaster - Mickey Butler
Yearbook - Sue Swackhamer


Glove Sales - Kathy Argabright

Rose Maintenence - Kathy Pottol

Sunshine - Leslie Kramer

DONATION REQUEST (You will need to copy & paste to document or email)

The San Jose Garden Club’s Donations Program donates to local 501(c)3 community garden projects. All requests will be evaluated by the Donations/Grants committee and voted on by the general membership.

• Name of organization:

• Contact name and position of person submitting request:

• Address, Telephone, email:

• Describe your project. Is this a specific, one-time project or ongoing? Attach flyers, photos, etc.

• Who will benefit:

• Number and ages of participants:

• Amount requested:   $
• How will it be used?

• Date:

Send to: San Jose Garden Club, c/o D. Tompkins, 1669 Sweetbriar Dr. San Jose, Ca 95125


Janet Smith, O'Lynda Head, Kathy Argabright, Roberta Dunlap, Jean Myers, Linda Webb,

Pam Oliverio, Mickey Butler